21 March 2013

IT'S HERE!!!!!
Treefort, that is.
Also, our new split ep, MAGNITIZDAT. It features four shiny new songs, two from us and two from our lovely friends and co-conspirators, Darling Rollercoaster. Don't know Darling Rollercoaster. Worry not, you will. And if you show up to our Treefort set at Pengilly's, Saturday at 10pm, you'll have 150 FREE opportunities to get to know them. 150 free, hand-stamped, wax sealed, numbered, opportunities. 150 in honor of Boise's Sesquicentinnial.
Here be the second teaser trailer for Magnitizdat : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NixpV4EPBI&feature=youtu.be
We're wildly excited to experience all the amazing acts at Treefort this year! Also, humbly grateful for the chance to perform alongside so many great fellow musicians. And in our own hometown! It doesn't get better than this people.
A Seasonal Disguise

14 March 2013

A Darling Disguise: Treesap Maunderings

Happy Thor's Day!
One week until the beginning of Treefort 2013, and boy are we EXCITED! The line-up this year is a fine and tangy blend of previous performers and fresh new faces. From AAN to YACHT. It's a great opportunity for Boise to stand tall and proud and show off our beautiful city. Who knows, maybe we'll even have a little something special to give away at our Treefort show Saturday evening.

Speaking of, (though surely completely unrelated), check out this bizarre little video we found floating along on the frothy internet foam.
My, what big tunes it has. (All the better to rock you with, we presume).
Yer Band of Misfit Toys,
A Seasonal Disguise

07 March 2013

They Have Sharp Teeth

Did you know that in the extinct Polabian Slavic language, Thursday was called Perundan? That's right, we have access to the internet. Oh, by the way, it's Thursday again, which means new stuff from A Seasonal Disguise.
In the build up to Treefort 2013 we're releasing things, and stuff, and...things. The thing for today has clawed it's way up from deep in the recesses of ASD history, has crossed time and space to be with you today. That thing is our second full length album, written and recorded by Z.V. House before he could legally vote, now reupholstered and freshly groomed, How To Fight Piranhas. Originally released in 2005, and featuring 100% more harmonica than all other ASD albums, as well as the song Last Cigarettes, which some may be familiar with, HTFP offers a rare glimpse into the sordid, sometimes lucrative, world of professional piranha wrestling. Or not. Regardless, you can download if for FREE for the next week at http://www.aseasonaldisguise.com/. You can also listen to it and all our other albums there as well. In the immortal words of The Halo Benders "looking (listening) is free but touching's gonna cost you somethin".
Yer Fun Trick Noisemakers,
A Seasonal Disguise