01 December 2008

And we shall call him Scrooge!

So with the holidays upon us and your days blending ever more into a streaming flash video of relatives, consumerism, and self medication we have the following important items of note. Important if you are a fan of this band that is, and I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume you at least kind of are since you're reading this blog (if you've simply lost your cyber-way just go back to the entry portal).

First off, A Seasonal Disguise's full length debut is in hiding and we are preparing a CD release party in February. Stay tuned for details.

Second, we have a show! We are playing the second slot on the second day of the Bah Humbug! festival. This means we will be playing at around 7:30 on December 20th but that you should all come out and rock with us. The festival is a fund raiser for the Visual Arts Collective (which is coincidentally where it's being held at 3638 Osage Street, Garden City, Idaho). Come on down it's $5 a day and the VAC could really use your support and we would love to rock you in the process.

Look for a surprise in the coming weeks. Until then...

Signing off, Z.

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