26 April 2008

Square Dance Attack!

So tonight is the night (also, I can't seem to update this thing on time). The Very Most's cd release party!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO! You should all come, it will be fun! This five band extravaganza will be held at the Idaho Outdoor Association hall (formerly hunters and stuff, until they was a hostile takeover by square dancers). The address is 3401 Brazil St which is near I-84 off of Vista in Boise, ID. A.S.D. will be rocking a new line up for this show. Probably the closest thing to a rock band this group has ever been. We start at 6:30 and would LOVE to see you there! The best band always plays first right? RIGHT?

....or last. I may well be a little biased on that topic though....

Signing off, Z.

21 April 2008

It's Cloudy In...Pt. II

Winter, in no uncertain terms is a most vile bitch. In 3 months you can smack my ass for complaining about the "unreasonable hell that is summer". But for now as far as I'm concerned winter can suck it. Back in November I was still very much in love with Winter which I am currently convinced had something to do with how well the "album-vember" project went.

So, winter, if you can hear me. Fuck off. Die. Go away for a few months, and I promise you will be welcomed back with wide inviting sunburnt arms. Please? I need fresh blood. I need the lovely sun. I need to get out of town. I need something new to write about! You have inspired ONE new song since November. ONE. In almost 6 months now.

Which brings me to the heart of this post - no, not bitching...although...no, no. You don't need to hear that.

Below are the lyrics for the new A.S.D. song "Cloudy In____" unedited as they fell from my questionable subconscious.

It's cloudy in Boise Idaho
But there's no chance of snow
Only a season of grey
Freezin' every word I say

It's cloudy in Boise Idaho
But we've got nowhere to go
Except between the bathroom, kitchen and bed
Done nothing but the day's not wasted

It's cloudy in Boise Idaho
And they've never hung so low
To my hometown this bittersweet note
The same one we all wrote

Signing off, Z.

19 April 2008


So, sorry about the lateness....had to work all day yesterday and my evening was all full up. Full of dal and lovelyness. Speaking of which, any of you interested in joining the "Indian food for thanksgiving" movement - drop me a line. Mmmm, dal.

Today is a day of practices - off to Jeremy's to get The Very Most ready for the Big Easy show. This will be followed by the first FULL band practice for A.S.D. in quite a damn long while. At present we are playing as a three piece. Geoff on Bass/Keys, Julia on Vocals/Percussion, and me on Guitars/Keys/Vocals. So far I think this is the tightest line up this band has had....hopefully this trend will continue.

I suggest you all rock out to The Clash now. Loudly. Rudely. Deliciously.

Signing off, Z.

17 April 2008

Mixed Nuts

So, tonight I took a step towards the back of the stage for my other role as bass player in The Very Most. We played at one of Boise's new branch libraries. The show was pretty good if a bit sloppy at times. Quote of the night "My daughters one helluva dancer....maybe I shouldn't have said that at the library".

A.S.D. is preparing for our set at the Very Most's cd release party (April 26th WOO!). Tomorrow Geoff and I will be getting together to nail down the bass and keys. Should be good...then just one more practice before RAWK.

Hoorah. There is little more going on at the moment....listening to some delightful Eels b-sides and thinking about sleeping (hence the lateness of this post. YAR!). SO, I've decided to post an old demo of a song called "Small Words". It is available to listen to now at myspace.com/aseasonaldisguise.

Signing off, Z.

14 April 2008

It's Cloudy In Boise Idaho...Pt. 1

So the sticker thing is going about how I expected. Lots of ideas from close friends of the band and a couple rogue submissions. On the other hand, they're all pretty great. Which of course means lots of narrowing down...uff.

In other news it sounds like the "Album-Vember" project (presently titled " ") will in fact see release on Coming In Second later this summer. All that's required is a home mastering job and getting the cd's actually printed. Hooray!

New songs are starting to flow again....sort of. Finally firming up some basic music ideas that have been floating around for awhile, and one brand new song that will make its debut at The Very Most cd release party on April 26th. It's called "Cloudy In____" or something like that. Written on a whim after a day of being less than amused that it had snowed - in April. Seriously winter, piss off. Look for them here in the next week or so...

Signing off, Z.

11 April 2008

Debut...and stickers!

So, about time A Seasonal Disguise had a blog don't you think? Well...maybe not. But, it was 12:30am and being that I'm an old man inside it seemed very late and this a good idea.

For those of you who don't know A Seasonal Disguise (A.S.D.)is a little band from Boise, Id. We have a liquid line-up and are friends with lots of other little bands from Boise. Like who? Oh you know, the usual: The Very Most, Central City Music Company, Bonefish Sam and His Orchestra, Pajama Party In A Haunted Hive/Unicorn Feather/With Child, Torrid Sage, Uncle Bud and various others similar and painfully different from us. I am the dictator of A.S.D. The primary songwriter and energy source for the project. At present I reveal myself to the public as Z.V. House. We'll leave the name business at that for now.

This blog will be updated on a M-W-F schedule for now, with occasional random posts and the possibility of increased post frequency if there are lots of interesting things to say. Expect this to be your first source for news, my rantings, new random lyrics, and the like. No doubt it will drift down to the myspace, facebook, and other sundry sites we maintain, but dag nabbit, it's time we set up a central place for me to rant!

And so we come to the first order of business! Here's the news. We want to make a series of stickers to give to you our adoring public (all....8-12 of you). BUT, we need your help! We want your brilliant/funny/horrible/random/beautiful phrases. You know the ones. Those gems that spill out of your mouth after one too many beers. The things you say to co-workers in hopes of getting them to NOT talk to you. The cute inside jokes of you and your sweetheart. Printed for the world to see on official A Seasonal Disguise stickers!

Please send your submissions to us at aseasonaldisguise@gmail.com. Be sure to include your name and our best way of getting in touch with you. Those who submit phrases we choose will get a free set of stickers to plaster their friends, family and offspring with!

Cool right? I knew you'd think so.

Signing off, Z.