30 May 2008

Welcome Back.

Apologies for the lack of update last week. I was well on my way to THE GORGE in Washington before I remembered "SHIT! I forgot to post!". Oh well I s'pose. Following on from that, Sasquatch 2008 was AMAZING. Many fantastic bands, many fantastic experiences, much missing.

In A.S.D. news - we played a show with Mr. Drew Danburry and The Very Most earlier this week. It was rather lovely. Small turnout, but a very special intimate night. Highlights include - War on War cover by The Very Most - Drew's car key breaking completely in half in his pocket - watching Meeting People Is Easy while falling asleep back home. The next morning I drove Drew and Co. to a locksmith said farewell and went to work. A very good night, hope to play with Danburry again!

At the moment we're not playing again until June - so hopefully that means we can get Album-vember out by then.

Signing off, Z

17 May 2008

It's 92 in May - but there's nothing but cool around here.

Late again - but with good reason!

Last night we played at the Flying M Coffee Garage in Nampa, ID with the mighty Finn Riggins
and ending up chatting with our Finny, Rigginsy friends until rather late. One of the best times we've had out at the garage. A very good and large crowd, good set in spite of my illness. Thank you so much to everyone who made it out!

In other news. Jeremy and I mastered "albumvember" on Wednesday. Now all that's left to finish is the artwork. Look for our first physical release early this summer on Coming In Second! WOO!

Upcoming show!

Monday 5/19/08 "The Ward Compound"
1003 N. Garden St. Boise, Idaho $6
With: Silver Pines, Slow Moon, and Hillfolk Noir.
Festivities starting around 5:30pm - we expect to go on around 7pm.

Signing off, Z

09 May 2008

And so it was that I left the ranks of the wise.

I had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday. I still have them in a little bag though, so watch out I've still got my wisdom to take you out with.

Thanks to everybody who came out to see us play at The Market in Nampa last Saturday. It was a good time and I imagine it will only get better once people realize that there's music going on there. We hope to play there with some regularity in the coming year.

Jeremy J. and I will work on mastering " " aka "Albumvember" aka "Goat Boat" etc. this coming Wednesday night. We hope to have artwork and everything done by mid June to early July. Look for it's release on Coming In Second later this year.

Once the mastering is complete I intend to get started working on new A.S.D. recordings. I again started this project thinking I was going to make a ridiculous complex concept album. As per usual, this has fallen through. Not exactly sure what to expect from it at this point - but I suspect it will include new, previously recorded, and forgotten older songs drug out of the closet and forced into the light. Recording will hopefully start by June and we hope to be done by the following spring/early summer. Mind you, this is me talking and I have a tendency to completely ignore my own deadlines more often than not.

Upcoming shows!
Friday 5/16/08 - Flying M Coffee Garage
1314 2nd Street S.
Nampa, Idaho
Free show with Finn Riggins! Should start around 7pm I believe.

Monday 5/19/08 "The Ward Compound"
1003 N. Garden St.
Boise, Idaho
$6 at the lovely Ward's house. With Silver Pines, Slow Moon, and Hillfolk Noir. Festivities starting around 5:30.

Signing off, Z.

02 May 2008

Let's all go to the market

Good night tonight. Practiced with Julia for the acoustic duo show tomorrow night at The Market Limone. You should most definitely come out if you're in the Nampa area and check it out. Should be one of our best/tightest sets we've had in awhile. PLUS, a very special acoustic duo set by The Very Most. Yay for Coming In Second bandhood.

Not a whole lot more to report. Thanks to all who came out to The Very Most's cd release party last week. It was an amazing night.

We <3 you all.

Signing off, Z.