29 June 2008

Golden Butterfly

Thanks to EVERYONE who came out to The K House last Sunday. It was FANTASTIC! You guys/gals rock. Thanks to Dan K for putting it on, and The Newspapers for rockin' the house.

Special thanks to Erin for our moral support and MaryAnne for her picture takin' video capturin' SKILLZ.

Update this week? New lyrics. The most boring title of late, but none the less here they are.

"Golden Butterfly"

Golden butterfly, writing fictions for the sun
On the fly practicing its diction for no one

Golden butterfly, wrote the novels by my bed
And I tried to revel in every word it said

Golden butterfly, in every stanza of
Bad poetry about something resembling love

And what's that noise to the right?
Piranhas in a knife fight?
Under the 2nd Street light - passing itself off as sunlight!

Golden butterfly, reading verse by Descartes candlelight
And if you try it in reverse maybe it'll seem right?

Golden butterfly....

Signing off, Z.

20 June 2008

In the office of the general?

I have not an ounce of mmphhh in me to update today. So I will keep this short and sweet. Or perhaps it's bitter? Really hard to say.

We will be playing at "The K House" this Sunday. Festivities start around 8:30. Find it at 1210 Euclid Ave Boise, Idaho 83706. Donation of $5 suggested for ze touring band.

Hope to see you there!

Signing off, Z.

13 June 2008

Purple Palindromes?

I'm late again. Damn. It would seem that I am beginning to have a problem with this. Lets make a pact. If I don't update this coming Friday - one of you faithful readers should smack me. Deal? Sounds fair to me....

Anyway. Played with The Very Most on Friday at the Flying M Coffee Garage. Fantastic set, first full band show in awhile and it all felt very good. I ended up doing an impromptu three song set in between bands...and...that was a good time. Played with a fantastic band from back east called Great White______ -unfortunately I can't remember the rest of their name and I feel bad for this, but I'm not usually one to look things like this up and as such will wait to be corrected. Kudos to them for rocking so thoroughly.

Still a rather slow time in A.S.D. land. Ms. Julia Green and I are working on the artwork/design for our first release. This is taking longer and I am dragging my feet more than expected. I need to promptly snap out of this so Coming In Second can release another damn record and I can finally put something I've created to bed. New songs are slowly trickling out, and a more complete line up may well be in our 3-6 month future (yay for not playing every instrument on the recording!!!).

Coming next week, lyrics and possibly a link to a demo (if I make one) of a new song called "Purple Palindromes In The Office Of The General"

Signing off, Z.