25 November 2008

So it goes - A tale of a whirlwind weekend tour

The latest tour has died. But do not mourn oh faithful readers! It had a good life and was quite ready to move on at its time of passing.

On the first day (Friday, Nov 21 2008) we found ourselves in Kennewick, WA. The tri-cities (of which Kennewick is one) area is a rather interesting place to start a tour based of Boise given that when you arrive it seems rather as if you haven't really gone anywhere. The scenery is very similar, the town has a similar feel - hell, they even have a Locust Grove road. But then you get to the show, and there's a venue with a marquee. And then people start to show up. And they're all excited some of them even dance. And the sound is amazing. And people buy merch...lots of merch. At some point along this laundry list you suddenly realize you're not in Kansas...er...Boise anymore. Oh lord, don't let me be misunderstood - Boise is great, we just need to have a long hard talk with ourselves about making it out to shows. But this is entirely beside the point - and that's assuming there is one. We rocked it super fucking hard.

Day two found us in Bellingham playing a house with a large velvet (felt?) vagina on the wall. We were tired but still rocked a fair to middling amount. We were also treated to complete face melting girl punk by The Connecticut Four (I will say that the rock on their myspace is only a fraction of the awesome they injected into my ears) kudos to them. We're starting a band just to open for them in Boise. Later on in the day we made it down to Seattle where we played another awesome house show. Real Live Tigers continues to delight me no small amount - and Weebelos I loved your set and your EP - and I've forgotten the name of the folks who played first but you two fellows were badass - you've made me want a saw solo in every song...ever.

Day three we returned to Boise. At this point driving and rocking and navigating had put us in sleepy and pissy moods. Luckily we didn't kill each other and we didn't wreck. Saw LAKE and Desolation Wilderness at the VAC and The Very Most ended the night.

The end.

News to follow shortly regarding the release of our first cd. They have arrived. Now just to get you all to buy them.

Signing off, Z.