30 January 2009

Tidbit #1

Before I get to the point I would like to express my deep regret that my play on words in the title of my previous post was mistaken as a typo by one of my fellow band mates. Perhaps it was not playful enough? Or maybe it was plenty playful but was so far from clever that it failed before I typed it? Regardless, look for it as a future A.S.D. lyric.

Anyway, now is the time we begin our courting of you to our record release party! Today we have the first in a series of, for lack of a better word, tidbits about the awesome of our upcoming show. And so without further ado...

A Seasonal Disguise will be playing two sets. One of songs from the album which special guests and friends helping us out creating a performance experience never to be repeated. And another of awesome rocking from the new lineup with all new songs likely to appear on our next record including two never before performed pieces we know you'll enjoy!

Signing off from my ever darkening region of the band, Z.

29 January 2009

Soon My Ingenious Plan Will Be Complete!

Mwa Ha Ha Ha!

With the vast resources of this blog at my disposal, none of you can escape my grasp now! Soon the Shadow Government will supplant the figureheads you have known for so long! Soon they will be the shadows and we will step into the light!

Dawn approaches for the Age of CHAOS!

Long time, no see*

I want to add that $1 of every ticket sold goes to the Idaho Humane Society. OR, if you bring in a can of pet food, you get a dollar off your ticket. woooo!


Long time, no sea?

Seems I'm a rather lazy blogger. Well bollocks to that! No more! Especially given that there is a lot going on in the A.S.D. universe! Some of it isn't that exciting though. So here's what we've got.

We're now on Twitter (yes let that sink in - it hurt me too but it seems to be a good move). So if you tweet or whatever it is exactly that people do on twitter you can find us at http://twitter.com/A_S_D.

We have a new song with a fucking field drum in it. That's right. Now it just needs a title.... I also realized a few days that there is no guitar on that song at all. What the hell kind of rock band are we?

We're having a CD release party! The poster for it is up there at the top of the page. We will be gradually releasing more details about this over the next few weeks. In the mean time, please spread the word! We hope to see all of you there!

Signing off, Z.