18 June 2009

Vacant Stairs is a very kind fellow

He introduced himself as Blake, so we'll call him Blake (Tyger, tyger, and all that). He had very kind words for us after the show last night. Here's wishing all the best for him--and I hope we can someday take him up on the offer of playing in Vancouver.

It was a great show all around. There was marching. You should have been there. (Sorry we couldn't get the bass drum strap-on together better, Julia. And Nick. And eveyone else in the band who had to wait for us. And the audience, who also had to wait).

And I apologize to Travis Ward & co. in Hillfolk Noir that I couldn't stay to hear them play. It's because I don't drive. You guys are fabulous and I'm only the poorer for not having heard you more often.

We're playing at the VAC tonight (June 18th, 2009). THEY'RE GIVING ME A MICROPHONE.

10 June 2009

Rest in Peace, Jeff Hanson

Your music is unique and you were a pleasure to watch on stage. I'm grateful I got to meet you before your much too early passing.

The world is poorer without you, but thank you for the songs.