16 October 2009

Ask Not Toward Whom the Kudzu Creeps, It Creeps Toward Thee.

Oh, my long lost and best beloved, how I've missed you all. I trust you've been waiting with breath a-bait, for this, another installment of wonder.

First, a note of thanks, or more accurately, a warm and girthsome heap of thanks, to all of the folks who came out to the Spondee/The Very Most/A Seasonal Disguise/Last Regrets show Saturday in Pocatello. We had a blast rocking with you, and will absolutely be returning, hopefully sometime this spring.

Second, and this is where we get to the toothsome marrow of this post, last Friday ASD had the great honor of playing at the Finn Riggins/Le Fleur joint cd release party at VAC. And party it was! There were two stages, poster cutouts, beehives, theatrics, and fuzzy balls galore. There was a musical duel that ultimately culminated in a stabbing (of sorts). If you weren't there, my heart goes out to you and your family, and I would like to offer you an opportunity to assuage your shame, and repent your sin of omission.

Below, gentle hipsters, is a fantastic video, lovingly crafted by the remarkably talented Jason Sievers, for Finn Riggins "Wake (Keep this town Alive)". And herein lies your absolution. Upon watching this video no less than THRICE, and then successfully visiting both the Finn Riggins and Le Fleur websites posted below, you may consider yourself wholly straight with the scene and it's fickle, trucker hat sporting gods. Absolution of sins is just one of the myriad services that A Seasonal Disguise provides free of charge to it's fans and blog followers. And while we do not participate in or endorse the selling of indulgences, we do whole-heartedly recommend that you consider purchasing Finn Riggins and Le Fleur's new releases...as they are, in a word, AWESOME! In two words, FUCKING RAD! (No one bothers with three words any more).

http://finnriggins.com/ Note the spectacular art by Lloyd E. Winter IV. Also of note, Finn Riggins is currently touring the West coast, and if you happen to get a chance, see them live. It'll make ya dance. And in November they will be opening several shows for Built to Spill. Yeah, I thought that might get your attention.


Until I pass this way again, hug yer Mamma, she loves you even if your horn rims are crooked.


10 October 2009

Pocatello=awesome! Thank you for the sexy shows the last two nights folks! #fb