25 January 2010

PDX, gas leaks, strings and horny bits

I find that on long car rides with individuals of the same sex our collective IQ and social abilities devolve into something resembling in all ways a fart. And so it was in this state that I found myself in that fabled land of Portland Oregon at the start of last week. Ah and what a week it was.
Before I continue I would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to Nik Walton and his roommates for my shenanigans while crashing in their fine abode and thank them for the accommodations.
Upon arriving Nik and I set about scheduling recording times for our fine players of the stringy and horny bits for the upcoming ASD record (oh yes, we're working on a new record didn't you know? My, but you don't keep up on the news these days do you? ...oh wait...). We came prepared to work long and hard, everyday, whatever it takes! As it happened our lovely performers were only free a few hours on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. Being the foolish young lads with little else to do we immediately went out and took in what was surely a positively tiny fraction of what Portland had to offer for the next four days. Highlights included long walk, good beer, better food, Powell's, Tender Loving Empire, Laughing Planet, wine, poutine, and a gas leak next door that forced us out of the house for a little longer than planned for fear of it exploding followed by little sleep and a recording mini-marathon.
A short plane ride and three day nap later, cradled in headphones listening to the fruits of our labors I have only this to say: holyshitradawesomesauce!

07 January 2010

Wild Wilderness : Julia Green's Art Comes Alive

Greetings friends, neighbors, and trilobite wranglers.

We here at the ASD blog just wanted to let you all know of a wondrous event. Today marks the premier of Ms. Julia Green's solo art show, Wild Wilderness, at The Flying M in Boise, Idaho. It also marks the unveiling of her new website.


So, if'n you're lolling about the house tonight, and would like to experience some fine artwork and perhaps a coffee treat, head on down. Who knows, you may even find something to hang on your wall between the velvet Elvis and that lovely family portrait done by your slightly unstable second cousin Fritz. The one where everyone has purple faces and hot pink eyes.

Here's a sample of what you might see...

Zounds! An owl!

Julia's blog.


Until next time, keep your powder dry, else it's not much use when you apply it to your nethers.