30 March 2010

A Breach in the Beehive

Greetings and welcome to A Seasonal Disguise's random news of randomness.

As the weather begins to nice'n and the days begin to brighten, and as the lilacs begin to bloom and the bears crawl eagerly from hibernation, seeking out other like minded bears with whom they can instigate constructive horizontal business, we, your humble ASD troubadours, have decided to stay home this spring...SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO. Below we offer several reasons for you to get out yer house and join the frolicsome fray of flitting bees, dancing feet, and mating bears.
A Breach in the Beehive : A Seasonal Disguise's Spring 2010 Stay-at-home tour.

April 3rd, (SAT) -- NEUROLUX, opening for The Cave Singers. 8 pm. ($8 advance, $10 @ the door).

April 6th, (TUE) -- BOISE PUBLIC LIBRARY MAIN, Get Loud @ the Library!, also featuring Megan Starr-Levitt of Opera Idaho and Boise Police Pipes and Drums. 5-8 pm, (we'll play @ 7:30 in the auditorium). (FREE).

April 9th, (FRI) -- THE BOUQUET, with Let's Get Lost, Aaron Mark Brown, & Kyle O'Quinn. 9 pm. ($5 @ the door).

April 28th, (WED) -- VISUAL ARTS COLLECTIVE (VAC), with Archeology, Hillfolk Noir, & Le Fleur. 8 pm. ($5 @ the door*).

April 30th, (FRI) -- THE EGYPTIAN THEATER, Haiti Benefit, opening for Built to Spill along with the Boise High School Orchestras. 8 pm. ($18).

May 7th, (FRI) -- VISUAL ARTS COLLECTIVE (VAC), Idaho Foodbank Benefit, with Blacksmith, Spondee, & ReVoLt ReVoLt. 8 pm. ($5 @ the door, or $3 with 2 cans of food).

*I'm assuming, with a reasonable likelihood of accuracy.
Now, if you can make it out to any of these shows, fantastic. If you can't, we'll still love you. Just like your mother did when she caught you smearing the family cat with candle wax after you misunderstood something you read in that issue of Cosmo you found stuffed under your older brothers mattress. You remember the one, with the cover story titled 50 Ways to Sex Up Your Sexy Sex...And Keep Your Man. Moral of the story. It's never too early to teach your children that some words have multiple meanings, that Brazilians aren't necessarily just people from Brazil, and that...well, I'll leave that to you. Just know that we'll still love you.

We'll still love you even when your sun tan fades.


18 March 2010

Can You Carry A Tune?

Greetings and Salutations.

Are you a person who can carry a tune? Even for a little bit? Without the aid of a bucket or electronic voice modulating device? If so, how would you like a shot at immortality, or at least very very modest to non-existent fame. We are a local Boise band currently in the process of recording an album. Our music falls generally into the broad indie rock catagory. Or perhaps chamber rock, (there is a clarinet after all). We are seeking an assortment of ladies and gentlemen interested in sharing their vocal talents in the form of some la la la's, perhaps a few hey hey hey's, and a variety of other backing accompanyment stylings. The idea is to form a women's chorus and a men's chorus to record parts to be distributed throughout the album. Unfortunately, as we are a local Boise band, we will not be able to pay you for these services. However, you will surely get a credit in the liner notes. It is our hope that the pure joy of lending your mighty lungs and vocal chords to a fun and interesting project will serve as payment enough. Of course, when the album inevitably begins selling well in Chad or Turkmenistan, and the heaps of strangely denominated money begin to pile up, we will certainly consider compensating our brave choirs with, at the very least, a tasty ice cream treat.

Now, the important information. There will be several sessions, most likely on weekends, when this recording will take place. The first session will be this Saturday, March 20th, at 2pm. If you have any interest in participating, please send us a brief email with your name and times when you might be available, as we will be scheduling other sessions to follow. Our email address is, aseasonaldisguise[at]gmail[dot]com. Please include the phrase,"I LIKE WOMBATS", in the email tag line. We will respond as quickly as possible with the location and any other pertinent information.

An important note: We are not looking for any lead vocals, as all of those are covered. We simply need folks who are willing and able to sing together as a group. To blend in beautiful harmony, etc.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.


12 March 2010

How Many Billy Goats Can Dance Upon a Tortoise Shell?

Well, that's a question you'd all know the answer to if you were at Terrapin Station last night. Jonathan Warren and his Billy Goat accomplices took the shell by storm with the boot stompin'est taste of Appalachia seen this far north of the Mason-Dixon in many a long year. Our hats, had we been wearing any, would've been off. If you're free, they'll be playing on St. Patrick's Day at the Knitting Factory in Boise. If you can't get out to see them, visit here and give their tunes a listen.


A Seasonal Disguise (hey, that's us!) followed them on stage for a long set, and a load o' fun. We'd like to thank Terrapin for having us, and the Billy Goats for joining us. And especially, all the folks who turned out for the show on a Thursday night. And to the gentleman who provided us with a round of absinthe after the show, we thank you kindly for your generous nature and supportive words. We hope to perform for you again. Speaking of perform, and again, we do have a few shows coming up, (how's that for an obnoxious segue?).

Firstly, Saturday, April 3rd we'll be opening for The Cave Singers at the Neurolux. Here's how their recent album has been described on Amazon.

The second album from Seattle's CAVE SINGERS is a gorgeous, rich folky stew hitting musical touchstones from Led Zeppelin III (think Bron Yr Aur Stomp) to Iron and Wine, CCR, Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, and Will Oldham. With a healthy dollop of the more mournful Stevie Nicks songs from Fleetwood Mac's mid-'70s period.

So really, how could you pass that up?

Secondly, we've been invited to play the annual Get Loud @ the Library! event on Tuesday, April 6th at 7:30pm. This event is free to the public, and will be taking place from 5pm-8pm at all four of the Boise Public Library! locations. Expect fun, games, music, and LOUD. We'll be playing in the auditorium of the Main Library, downtown.
(Full disclosure: two of our number are currently employed by the Boise Public Library!)

Now, time for some comics news. Perhaps you're aware that several of our members are fans of the 4 color funny books. If not, consider yourself advised. (We also like funny books with more than four colors). Well, it has recently come to our attention that Sweden is home to more than just icicles and Thor. Apparently there is also a rich and thriving culture located there, complete with musicians, writers, and artists. And even some writer/artists. And some of these writer/artists will soon be invading this very United States, by way of Marietta, Georgia based Top Shelf Productions, in a campaign that has garnered the (appropriate) moniker, The Swedish Invasion. Now, before you go out and try to squeeze into that 1950's bomb shelter in your backyard that was constructed at a time when the average American was considerably more...less, consider the following video missive from our would be invaders, and heed it's message.

I think they come in peace.