23 July 2010

Upcoming Shows.

There's a gentle smattering of shows coming your way at summer's end. And some to kick off fall.


Tuesday, Aug. 10th - Neurolux - Boise - w/David Dondero

Thursday, Aug. 12th - Flying M Coffeegarage - Nampa - w/Amo Joy

Wednesday, Sept. 1st - The Grove Plaze - Boise - Alive After Five w/ Budos Band

Saturday, Sept. 4th - Neurolux - Boise - w/Your Friend, Peter Giles

Friday, Oct. 8th - Neurolux - Boise - Promenade Music Festival

Friday, Oct. 15th - Color Cube - Boise - The Very Most Record Release Party


Keep your antennas tuned to this station for more information about the opening of Color Cube, a new, all-ages, venue located in Boise. Clint Vickery, our good friend from local band Spondee, will be bringing music even to those too young to buy beer.

Color Cube Facebook

Till next time, watch out for those dinosaurs with the cocaine lasers,


A Seasonal Disguise in Comics!

Our friend from Pocatello, Pete Rude, has turned the band into rockin' animals for his comic, I'm Here to See if You can Fly with Broken wings.

Thanks Pete! We're hoping to come back and see you all soon.

16 July 2010

Graveltruck Returns!

Remember the Boise music scene in the early 90's? No? Tomorrow night you'll have a chance to refresh that memory by heading down to the VAC for the Graveltruck reunion show. The Dirt Fishermen, The Very Most, and A Seasonal Disguise will all be joining in this joyous occasion. If you close your eyes and imagine really hard, you might even be able to pretend that you're back at the Crazy Horse, flannel clad and full of youthful vitality.