27 August 2010

SURPRISE! ASD to play BW Block Party Tomorrow!

Last minute change up! We're playing at 4pm tomorrow as a part of The Big Le Boise! Come down and check out all the booths and bands, this is gonna be rad!


Next Wednesday, Sept. 1st, celebrate A Seasonal Disguise Alive...After Five. We'll be opening for the Budos Band at 5:15pm for Alive After 5 at the Grove Plaza downtown.

Also, next Saturday, Sept. 4, well be playing at the Neurolux with our good friends, Sleepy Seeds, and our new friends, and soon to be yours, Your Friend, Peter Giles.

23 August 2010

Help Support Local Comics Artist Chris Hunt

Yes, it's Monday. And yes, I know we're all still half asleep, here at 2:36pm, but it's time to rouse yourself for a moment, dig deep under the couch cushions, and send whatever pennies you find there to Mr. Christopher Hunt, comics artist and local Boise native. Chris is currently raising money to publish his first comic book, which will feature strongmen, robots, and more. And while he's met his original fundraising goal via Kickstarter, a new and glorious-er goal is now in the offing and could use those greening pennies of yours. Observe this fine robot that will appear in the comic if the new fundraising goal is met...

Make a donation here to help this robot clank forth into the wider world.

Also, visit Chris' home on the internet here.

Until we meet again, please keep your bedknobs away from my broomsticks.


02 August 2010

Built to Spill time travel...to the 80's!

If you love Built to Spill...and the 80's...and I know you do, check out The Electronic Anthology Project. Messrs Martsch and Nelson have remixed seven BtS songs into synth-pop wonders.