23 September 2010

Show updates and the like

Heya friends, how're y'all doin'? Good I hope. We're doing pretty good ourselves. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. Ah-hem.

This a somewhat more formal post than you may be used to, so we'll try to make this as quick and painless as a declawed cheetah with gums where her teeth used to be.

The Very Most album release party has been moved from October 15th (see a couple posts below) to November 20th. It was intended to be at what is sure to be a glorious new all ages space by the name of Color Cube, unfortunately they are hitting some road bumps and will not be opening as soon as planned. However I am assured it is still on November 20th and we will still be there to deafen you.

We are returning to the Bouquet a week from yesterday (that would be Wednesday September 29th) to play with our good buddies Hillfolk Noir and new friends Kill County from Nebraska. We shall again be deafening you before these other fine bands hit the stage so bring your quaal...erm, ear plugs.

But wait, that's not all, if you call within the next ten minutes you will also get this salad spinner absolutely free! By which of course I mean Promenade is looking to be one DAMN awesome event. We will be playing Friday Oct 8th with Spondee, The Very Most, Le Fleur, La Knots, Yarn Owl, Tartufi and FROG EYES. Sexy.

Ok, so maybe it wasn't that quick or painless. More like being awake as they pull your wisdom teeth from your mouth and you know something is happening, but you don't know what in the good god is going on in there.

Love, Z.

10 September 2010

Cartilage and Sinew

The cold mornings are here. Sweater mornings. Good god I wish I had pajama pants mornings. Perhaps if I abstain from such things long enough my leg hair shall grow as mighty as the other beasts in my home and warmth will follow me everywhere. As if I needed another reason to hate summer.

Its under these conditions that I find myself listening to, wake the town and tell the people LOUD, music in hopes that the vibrations will heat the house. I seem to have the habit of mishearing lines in songs and then becoming so attached to the lines I thought were in them that I either refuse to learn the actual lyrics. Plus its SO much easier to sing only love now can change your name than old enough now to change your name. Recently, I had one of these moments with the line Carlitas and you, was the name of her act. Needless to say, that is not what I thought Danny boy was singing. Imagine the horror upon discovering that the line you had belted to no less than one dog and cat was WRONG. Oh, how the beasts with their fine manes of warm fur shall judge my shivering making up the words while the band sings something else lips. After some time of feeling right back in seventh grade I realized "no, fuck them and their judging ways! My line makes less sense but is at least 1.05 times more awesome!". It was clear then what must be done. The line is now ASD's and can be found in one of our new new songs that will hopefully be somewhat stage ready in a month or so.

Now...where the hell are my pants?! Its eff'n cold in this house!