24 January 2011

Blogger frogger

Its a busy busy week around these here parts, so things will be brief and dry as hell.

First of, some shout outs and rad shows.

WEDNESDAY: there is a fabulous show happening at Visual Arts Collective. Our good friends Sleepy Seeds, No Comprendo, and With Child are playing as well as San Francisco bands Mosshead and Street Pyramids. Its a "John Denver Tribute Show" and I hear that John Denver will be there performing a couple classics and spend the rest of the evening making sure no other band plays his music.

Friday: Our buddies in Finn Riggins are playing early (8pm) at Neurolux opening up for Tennis. Sexay.

Saturday: Discoma and Bonefish Sam will be performing a night of fucked up awesomeness, again at the Visual Arts Collective. Discoma is the long time project of music man extraordinaire Jake Hite (you may know him as the guy in the metal shirts behind the drum kits of pop bands) and will feature a string quartet and some dewsh (spelling courtesy of S. Stimpert) on guitar. Bonefish Sam is playing for the first time in 2+ years and I hear they've only gotten radder. Aforementioned dewsh (me) will also be playing between sets with help from ASD's own K. Jar. Sing. Its gonna be LOUD.

Second, ASD and cubes of color....

The magnificent new all ages venue Colorcube has been hosting shows for a few weeks now and are having a grand opening extraveganza over Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights this week. We'll be playing at some point during the festivities on Friday and we'd love to see you all there.


07 January 2011

Shows, and the end of our grey exiled days

Oh friends, it has been too long. Remarkable how the time slips away when you're not paying attention...

Things have been buzz, buzz, buzzing around the ASD hive the last couple months as our very delayed second album "Waterfowl of Eastern Canada" draws ever closer to completion. A couple sweeteners, punch ins, and cellos and recording will be 100% finished. Mixing has already started and all of the songs are very close to being ready to send of for mastering. Huzzah!

In more immediate news, tonight our good friends Sleepy Seeds will be spreading their seed (or is it their sleep? I can never remember) in PDX. Check out all the details here

.We, your devoted troubadours will be playing at the always fabulous Visual Arts Collective tonight with Churchmouse and Adam Nordell. Doors at 8pm, $5. We'd love to see all you there!