19 July 2011

Go See Dirty Mittens...TONIGHT!

Head on down to the Visual Arts Collective (VAC) tonight for Uber Tuesday. The line-up is phenomenal, Ant Lion, Owlright, Dark Swallows, and headlined by Dirty Mittens out of Portland. ASD had the opportunity to open for Dirty Mittens a few months ago at Neurolux and they put on a hellavuh show. Your limbs will shake, and not from the St. Vitus Dance.

Here's the important show info.

And here's an interview with the Mittens in the BW.

Lastly but not leastly, ASD's concert master and vocalist extraordinare, Julia Green, has pulled up stakes and moved her art blog to tumblr. Visit her new location here.

That is all.

15 July 2011

Wemon Kicking Ass and Raising Cash!

This isn't about music, and it isn't about us, but it's an awesome project that deserves your support if you have any interest in Comics and Art and Awesome.

Womanthology : Massive All Female Comics Anthology.

They've already met their basic funding goal but the overage will be going to a variety of also excellent projects. Plus, if you contribute, you can get a whole buncha neat stuff.

We heart you, and hope to have ASD relevant music news for you soon.