25 January 2012

Yes, We Still Like Wombats.

At various times in the past we've proclaimed our love of wombats. Well, we'd like to share that love with you. Enjoy.

06 January 2012

Waterfowl of Eastern Canada cover art

Presenting : the cover art for our new album, Waterfowl of Eastern Canada, due out March 3rd, 2012 from House of Ubasti. Artwork as always by the lovely and talented Julia Green.

05 January 2012

Introducing - Our New Drummer!

Like all families, A Seasonal Disguise has had its ups and downs, it's lefts and rights, its Chico and the Man.
In October, our longtime drummer extraordinare, Aaron Nuttall, left the band to pursue other pursuits. After a suitable period of mourning, (no he's not dead, we're just overly dramatic), we were fortunate to find the right man to sit his tall and swart throne. And that man is a woman. And that woman is Annie Berical.

Annie was once a fan of this band, and now she's holding down the beats. Annie's mind is steel...the hard kind. Her arms are strong, her humor wicked. Annie's amazing hair will cause you to curse your parents for their genetic laxitude. Oh yeah, and get this...Annie sings.

ELECTRIC BEEF MISTRESS - When The Levee Breaks by aseasonaldisguise

Really, what we want you to take away from this is : Annie is fantastic, and we're happy she's joined our musical family.