16 February 2012

Surprise ASD is playing at the manor in caldwell TONIGHT! No Comprendo up now get out here!

09 February 2012

Please Put a Penny in Our Cup

It'll rattle around oh so nicely. We like the gentle jingle of small coins, all those Lincoln faces, and Roosevelt faces, and Washington faces, and occasionally, a Kennedy or Sacajawea face. We've decided to start a collection of them, so they can hobnob and confab and scheme. We were going to call this the ASD Superpac, but that would require a lot more paperwork, paperwork that would cut into our coin collection. Instead, we're just calling it the ASD Kickstarter Campaign. The funds generated by this campaign will be used not to support some shady political character, but to defray some of the expense involved in the production, release, and promotion of our new album, Waterfowl of Eastern Canada, available March 3rd at our release party. Below is our Kickstarter video, where you can learn about of few of the other things we may need to use the shiny, clinky, coins for. Enjoy.

03 February 2012

CD Release Party and Poster!

Join us, along with our friends Larkspur, Sleepy SeedsLe Fleur, and Otto Von Walton, on March 3rd as we release our new cd into the wild.