25 March 2012

Greetings fellow stargazers, err, wonderful, supportive friends and family.
If you're in Boise, we hope you're enjoying all of the amazing performances at the Treefort Music Festival. With over 140 bands, its desperately hard to go wrong. If you're not in Boise this weekend, then we hope you're enjoying the knowledge that there's a fantastic music festival going on in Boise right now. Did I mention there are over 140 bands?
We will begin work on the bonus ep, Waterfowl of Western Canada, in April/May and we should have it available for our generous kickstarter donors and as a bandcamp download by June or July.
Monday morning we begin our Nevada/California tour, having stocked up on dental floss and dreams.
Thank you again.

24 March 2012

Mickey the jump is killing it at CRUx right now! We go on at midnight.
! join our band for the last song choir/dance party!