24 April 2012

Spri...SUMMER, wha?

Spring has sprung so hard its damn near skipped right over itself into summer. At least here in Boise. Ze cat shack is quickly building up its summer "band funk". But that's neither here nor there.

Things are clipping along in the ASD-verse. We're gearing up to record a little acoustic EP we're calling "Waterfowl Of Western Canada" which will feature full band acoustic reworkings of songs on "Waterfowl of Eastern Canada" as well as a few surprises. Not sure when we'll be finished, but we're shooting to have it up online for everybody by July. We look forward to your angry letters in August. Kidding.

Also stoked to be part of the first round of artists announced for the UMS (Underground Music Showcase) in Denver, CO. Rad event, rad bands, glad to be representing Boise with our pals Finn Riggins and Atomic Mama.

If you're in the Boise area we'll be playing May 1st at the Red Room as a part of the Atypical Tuesday series Evil Wine is putting on. Its $1, a weird line up, and we're excited as hell to be a part of it.

See you all when we see you - time to get back to sweating in the sun.