28 February 2013

Archives release #301: A Risky Place Indeed

Greetings, greetings, fellow star gazers. Know what today is? February 28th, right? Birthday of Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones. Also, Rare Disease Day. More importantly though, it's Thursday, and that means something new from ASD Headquarters. Today we've knocked the accumulated crust of rust and dust off our very very first album, A Risky Place Indeed. We gave it a bit of a buffing, tweaked the volume, and are offering it to you for FREE for one whole week. You can download or listen to it at http://www.aseasonaldisguise.com/.

Band leader and consumate beardsman, Z.V. House, wrote and recorded A Risky Place Indeed when he was a whippersnapper of sixteen, (though pretty beardy even then). It's a little rough, a little raw. It's a snapshot of a particular time and place. A historical document. A window into the early stages of an on-going journey. In case you were wondering, there are guitars.

We'll return next Thursday with another ancient curiosity, unearthed from the dark archives, our second album, How to Fight Piranhas.

Yers Trooly,
A Seasonal Disguise

21 February 2013

A Seasonal Disguise - Thursdays - We are a hive of bees making honey

Happy Thursday,
Firstly and foremostly, we'd like to offer our whole-hearted thanks to everyone who has downloaded, listened to, shared, or said kind words about our new ep, Waterfowl of Western Canada. In honor of your much appreciated support, we've decided to extend the free downloadableness of the album until the end of Treefort 2013. If you haven't heard it yet, go get it at http://www.aseasonaldisguise.com/ and rub it on your eardrums.
Secondly and secondmostly, A Seasonal Disguise Headquarters has been much abuzz with excitement and anticipation and excitement and nectar gathering since last week's Treefort announcement. Desiring to keep things warm and buzzy and honey dipped we hatched a plan. A plan involving Thursdays and sharing. Each Thursday until Treefort we'll be releasing an item from our ancient mildewed archives or a teaser of things to come. Next week : the re-release of our very very first album, A Risky Place Indeed. Remastered, enloudened, etc.
Thirdly and lastmostly, but not leastlastly, in an additional demonstration of our undying, undead even, love for our friends, fans, and followers, all ASD merch and music is on sale starting now and continuing through the end of March. Have at.
Yer swarthy sound tinkerers,
A Seasonal Disguise

14 February 2013


Happy VD everyone!
We at A Seasonal Disguise Headquarters are pleased to announce that we'll once again be performing at Treefort this year, along with 249 other fantastic bands. See the announcement here. http://treefortmusicfest.com/4th-and-final-artist-announcement-for-treefort-music-fest-2013/
Don't know about Treefort? Then visit here.
Also, to express our joy at being invited back to Treefort, we've released a five song ep entitled Waterfowl of Western Canada, featuring four reworkings/live recordings of old songs and one brand spankin' new cover of Memphis Minnie's When the Levee Breaks. For the next week the ep can be downloaded for free athttp://www.aseasonaldisguise.com/ or you can just listen to the songs there.
In a few weeks we'll have more exciting news for you, but until then, be well.
Yer humble noisemakers,
A Seasonal Disguise